5 Best Heart Rate Monitors

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So, you are looking for a way to super charge your training? Well, have you considered strapping on some monitor to measure your heart rate? Perhaps you haven’t. Whether it is a running watch or a chest strap, this monitor will not only give you accurate stats, but also ensures that your training is heading in the right direction.

We have penned down a handy list that contains the best heart rate monitors in the market, to make things easier for you to help you have a better understanding of what you are about to buy.

garmin premiumGarmin Premium
polar ft7Polar H7
scosche rhytm plusScosche RHYTHM+
wahoo tickrWahoo TICKR
polar h7Polar FT7

Who Should Use a Heart Rate Monitor?

There are different individuals who might require a heart rate monitor and among them, the most common ones are the sportsmen, recreational exercisers as well as joggers. Cyclists will be able to use this device for monitoring their performance during endurance, tempo as well as interval rides. It hardly matters whether the cyclist is on the road, a trail or even a stationary trainer. Some monitors are able to provide more information by means of a cadence sensor or a foot pad. On rigorous training days, the sprinters will be able to remain in their optimum target zone with the aid.

A monitor will be useful for the hikers, climbers and also skiers to get conditioned properly while they are trying to ascend a peak. Individuals that are concerned about losing weight will also find these devices to be extremely beneficial along with a proper diet plan and regular workouts. The majority of these monitors will display the number of calories burned while training and thus they can help the individual in burning extra fat. These will also be useful for those people who are recuperating from any illness or injury and it is mainly because of the real-time feedback which will ensure that the patient slowly gets back his or her full strength without any risk at all.

Heart Rate Monitor Types

You will find a couple of different types. The first one happens to be a chest strap which will relay information to your mobile device or even to a wristwatch receiver. The other type happens to be a wristwatch-style monitor which will feature sensors for detecting your heart rate. You can activate these sensors by pressing on the touchpad with your finger.

Chest straps: This device is going to include a strap which will wrap around your chest. It will be possible for this strap to get the reading of your heart’s activity very accurately since it is in contact with the region just above the heart. However, it is possible for the strap to chafe against your skin during rigorous workouts.

Wristwatch-style with sensors: These types of monitors are used by some individuals due to the comfort provided by them because of the absence of any chest strap. However, at times the readings are not that accurate unlike the previously mentioned chest wrap model because the functioning of this device can be disrupted since the wearer has to take his own time for placing a finger over the sensor. Thus it is evident that both types have their own pros and cons. However, you will always be able to get proper measurements with the help of these monitors whenever you like.


These monitors can boast of many different features at present. Below we have mentioned some essential features which will help you during workouts:

  1. Calorie counter
  2. Stopwatch
  3. Readings which detect the average heart rate as well as the target
  4. Speed/Pace tracker
  5. Extended battery life
  6. Compatible with a PC or Mac which will enable you to upload all your stored information to the computer for keeping track as well as fitness progress.
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