Top 5 Best Body Fat Monitors – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Body fat measurement gives a clear idea of your fitness and possible health risks. It offers a great step forward in terms of health because it is excess fat that causes health problem rather than the weight. Special monitors measure the amount of fat in your body as opposed to the traditional stepping scales that weigh bones, muscles and bones at once. Here, we take a look at some of the best options for you.

Body Fat Monitor Comparison Chart

1Fitbit Aria
2Omron HBF-306C4.3/5.0Check Amazon
3Easy at Home
4Skulpt Aim
5Surpahs Sense-ON

Body Fat Monitor Reviews

1. Fitbit Aria: Best Wireless Body Fat Scale

fitbit ariaThe Fitbit Aria body fat monitor will assist you in figuring out your future weight targets. The Fitbit Aria is very easy to set up and it can upload the information to automatically by tapping into your home wireless network. It happens to be a top quality scale which can track your BMI, weight as well as the percentage of body fat without any problem. As many as eight individuals in your residence will be able to use this awesome gadget which will send their information separately at A comprehensive weight management system will be available to you at which will aid you in setting up your weight loss goals and also achieve success in the long run. It is possible to view the graphs and charts of your weight loss trends on the smartphone or computer and allows you to set your targets as well as earn badges so that you stay motivated. Furthermore, the food plan tool of can also be utilized to inform you regarding how to fulfill your weight targets. Besides this, you will also get a clear view of your fitness as well as health with the help of the Fitbit wireless activity sleep tracker which will keep you informed regarding your day-to-day activities and also motivate you to make some minor changes which can deliver wonderful results.

2. Omron HBF-306C: Best Hand-Held Body Fat Monitor

Omron HBF-306CThe Omron HBF-306C will help you to evaluate your body fat measurements in only seven seconds and this will be done by using the renowned “Bioelectrical Impedance Method”. The monitor has got a couple of unique aspects and one of them is that it features a 9 person profile which means that as many as nine individuals are able to store their information. Another aspect is that the monitor has 2 different modes, normal and athletic, which will deliver great results to any person depending on his or her fitness activity. However, there is a drawback in this particular body fat monitor and it is that you have to figure out your “Fit Index” which happens to be a combination of the intensity, frequency as well as the duration of the workouts. Although, this is actually intended to provide a more precise measurement, according to some customers the results are not that great. In case you are searching for a hand-held monitor, this gadget will not disappoint you.

3. Easy at Home: Most Accurate Body Fat Scale

easy at homeThis particular gadget has the ability to keep track of your body fat as well as your essential body composition metrics. One can easily observe his or her statistics on the smartphone or tablet almost instantly after taking the measurements with the help of the Easy at Home body fat monitor. Top quality precision sensors are employed by the weighing scale to ensure much better accuracy. Moreover, the design of this unit is quite sophisticated and it has also got an eye-catching digital Smart Scale. It features a 4.3-inch backlit screen along with a sleek design. There is no possibility of straining your eyes because the information is displayed in a large font size. This gadget has the ability to provide for as much as 400 pounds which is sufficient for most of the adults. It is also not difficult to install it and it can be paired with the smartphone almost instantly. Apart from this, the Easy at Home body fat monitor features an user-friendly interface providing information which is not at all difficult to understand. It is possible to view information for 8 different statistics namely body fat, body water, muscle mass, body weight, BMI, BMR, bone mass, and visceral fat. You will also be provided with the graphs by the application so that you’ll be able to comprehend your progress over time which will provide you with more encouragement to remain healthy.

4. Skulpt Aim: Best Digital Bathroom Scale

skulpt aimYou’ll be capable of measuring your muscle quality as well as your body fat with the help of this incredible body fat monitor. You can also detect the amount of fat and muscle located in different parts of the body with the help of a system known as EMI (Electrical impedance myography). The most important thing is that the measurements are going to be extremely accurate. The package will consist of a fitness tracker, a water bottle, the charging cradle as well as a pouch for safeguarding this unit while you’ll be on the move. It happens to be a portable device which is manufactured from a combination of plastic and rubber polymers. It is possible to keep track of your muscle quality and body fat with the help of the monitor which happens to be Bluetooth enabled. Before using it for the first time, it is required to create an account by providing your personal info and then you need to pair it along with your mobile phone app. The Skulpt Aim Body Fat Monitor is capable of accommodating profiles of up to 6 individuals. Unlike most of the other digital monitors on the market, this particular gadget will be able to give you more accurate readings thanks to the EIM technology.

5. Surpahs Sense-ON: Best Budget Body Fat Monitor

Surpahs Sense-ONThe Surpahs Sense-ON is able to accommodate up to six different fitness parameters. Besides the usage of BIA (bio impedance analysis), the monitor also uses a Sense-On technology which helps to understand your intention of using it instantaneously. It is a device that can be used by several of your family members simultaneously. The monitor can boast of an ultra-slim design which is about 18 mm in thickness. It will also provide an accurate measurement of your muscle mass, body fat, bone mass as well as body water with the help of the innovative BIA technology that uses 4 electrodes. Moreover, it is quite easy to install this body fat monitor which can provide for as many as 8 user profiles. However, you must hydrate this unit sufficiently before using it since the BIA technology runs with your body water.

Buying Guide

An increasing number of individuals are concerned regarding their body fat percentage and an instantaneous reading is provided by the scales which shows the exact amount. These monitors have helped people evaluate their fitness as well as diet endeavors. It is possible for you to figure out whether your workouts are giving you the desired results or whether your diet is proving to be useful for your body with the help of these scales which can read the fat composition of the body accurately.

We have not come across any significant change on the scale despite the fact that this is still a wonderful way to figure out your progress. In fact, weight loss is not the same as fat loss. For instance, although an obsolete scale might show a weight loss of 30 pounds, it will not be sufficient for alerting you to any significant modification in your body composition. In fact, you might have actually lost a considerable amount of body fat and still, a scale might not show any weight loss.

On the flip side, you will be able to comprehend the positive as well as negative changes in your physic with the help of the contemporary scales which will show these in statistical form. Below we have mentioned some essential metrics offered by these scales:

  1. Percentage & Body Composition: It is the amount of fat within your system. Usually, men carry less body fat as compared to women.
  2. Visceral Fat: There are mainly three types of fat, namely intramuscular, visceral as well as subcutaneous. As a matter of fact, the visceral fat is considered to be the most hazardous since it affects our health directly and is also not easy to measure.
  3. Muscle Mass: It consists of the skeletal muscles, cardiac muscles as well as the water present inside these muscles.
  4. Body Water Percentage: Water constitutes a significant portion of our system. It is extremely essential to remain hydrated which will enhance our overall performance and also get rid of waste materials from our system.
  5. Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR): You are going to burn calories faster in case your BMR tends to be on the higher side.
  6. Bone Mass: It is a measurement of the mineral density of your bones and provides an overview of your general bone health.
  7. Body Mass Index (BMI): Here you have to divide your weight in kgs by the square of your height in meters.

The next section discuss some of the aspects when you are looking for a monitor:

  1. Accuracy: You’ll find quite a few scales featuring an amazing amount of metrics. Nevertheless, in case the scale is unreliable, these metrics will be of no use at all. Figuring out the percentage is one of the important objectives of some of these scales. You need to ensure that the reading is correct prior to thinking about other things.
  2. Additional Metrics: In case it falls within your budget, you should opt for a scale which provides information on body water percentage, bone mass, metabolic age, personal metabolic age as well as visceral fat measurements. It will be extremely beneficial in terms of evaluating your overall health.
  3. Price: It is a surprising fact that you will come across scales at a very inexpensive rate which can perform everything that the expensive ones can do. Consequently, don’t always try to purchase those with big name brands or those that are costly.
  4. Technology: Although it depends on your personal choice, it is suggested to go for a scale featuring a Wi-Fi connection. These products will help you track your progress in the form of graphs and charts.

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