Best Treadmills For Runners

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#1sole-s77SOLE S77
#2nordictrack-elite-9700-proNordictrack Elite 9700 Pro
#3nordictrack-commercial-2950Nordictrack Commercial 2950
#4proform-pro-9000Proform Pro 9000
#5nordictrack-commercial-2450Nordictrack Commercial 2450

1. NordicTrack Elite 9700 Pro Treadmill

nordictrack elite 9700 pro TreadmillNordicTrack Elite 9700 Pro is the most reliable and high quality treadmill; it comes with awesome features that make your workouts more fun and fruitful. For instance, it comes with extremely powerful and high quality motor that is virtually inaudible, hence enabling you to listen to music while doing your exercise. It’s adjustable built-in cushioning allows you to adjust cushioning, therefore, helping you diminish accidental impact up to 24 percent giving you the comfort you want. For more fun, NordicTrack Elite 9700 Pro comes with a plenty of entertainment choices such as built-in browser and IFit that enables race with other people. Additionally, it has wide running surface, therefore, giving you more comfort. If you’ve been looking for a durable and extremely powerful treadmill, then you should consider NordicTrack Elite 9700 Pro. Even so, the price is somewhat unaffordable.

2. NordicTrack Commercial 2950 Treadmill

nordictrack commercial 2950 TreadmillThe NordicTrack Commercial 2950 is one of the most advanced treadmills available on the market currently, primarily due to its durable design and powerful technology. Its 4.25 CHP motor is powerful enough to give you the exercise you want. Also, this motor is sufficiently silent to enable you to listen to a radio or a TV comfortably. It also comes with quad flex precision calibration cushioning that allows you to adjust cushioning on the deck to reduce impact. NordicTrack Commercial 2950 lets you choose different goals of your exercise such as time, pace and calorie goals, and it’s for this reason that it provides you with an excellent opportunity to attain your fitness goals. Besides, NordicTrack’s wide running surface offers more comfortable running surface, as well as it also comes with a variety of entertainment options such as the in-built internet browser to enable your surf while doing your workouts. If power, durability, and lifetime warranty are all that you want from a treadmill, then it is sensible to go for NordicTrack Commercial 2950.

3. ProForm PRO 9000 Treadmill

proform pro 9000 TreadmillIf you are looking for more reliable and a machine that can handle heavy use, definitely ProForm PRO 9000 is the right choice for you. With its advanced technology in designed and powerful motor that makes more appealing for all types of body fitness especially for runners. It has a 22- by 60-inch track large enough to fit any stride, making it the best treadmill if you have long strides. If your strides are restricted, then this one suits you better. With this treadmill you can surf comfortable while doing your exercise; it comes with an internet browser and a versatile touchscreen that shows you all your exercise stats. So, if you are using IFit workout, the terrain will be displayed on the touchscreen and adjusted automatically as you move along the course. Also, ProForm PRO 9000 has removable shelf meant for storing tablets while doing your exercise.

4. NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill

nordictrack commercial 2450 TreadmillThis treadmill uses potent technology to offer more efficient and fun workouts. While NordicTrack Commercial 2450 is relatively expensive compared other models on the market, it’s premium price is worth the services you get from it. NordicTrack’s Commercial 2450 come with a 4.0 CHP motor, specially designed to run quietly and to last longer, hence making it a suitable choice for seasoned runners. Its motor comes with a lifetime warranty; you don’t have to worry about repairing it if it breaks down. With its larger running surface, it gives you enough space to make longer strides. Furthermore, NordicTrack Commercial 2450 has an adjustable cushioning to give you more comfort in your workouts. For entertainment purposes, this model comes with a TV that enables you to watch your favorite shows as you workout. Accordingly, if you are interested in improving your cardiovascular fitness, this treadmill will be your best choice.

5. SOLE S77 Treadmill

sole s77 TreadmillSOLE S77 is an excellent choice for countless runners; it comes with 4.0 CHP motor which runs noiselessly, and thus, it’s suitable for an entertaining workout experience. This treadmill is designed to withstand tough workouts, and it comes with a message board that guides users during workouts. SOLE S77 has a console screen that provides workout info and controls that you may need; the display screen on this models shows details such as distance, time, incline, projected pace and speed. SOLE S77 has a large track surface that makes it a perfect model for any stride. The only drawback of this model is the absence of entertainment feature; if you are that person who is interested in entertainment, you may find this treadmill unsuitable.