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We have penned down a handy list for you that contains the best wireless headphones for running in the market today alongside their brief reviews and features to help you have a better understanding of what you are about to buy.

Best Wireless Headphones For Running

#1jabra sport paceJabra Sport Pace
#2jaybird x2Jaybird X2
#3sol replubic shadowSol Republic Shadow
#4photive ph-bte70Photive PH-BTE70
#5powerbeats 2Powerbeats 2

1. Jabra Sport Pace Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

jabra sport paceThe Jabra Sport Pace is a well-built wireless earphone that comes with several features that can enhance your performance while running or working out in the gym. Designed for both road and trail running, these wireless headphones provide adequate resistance to rain, sweat, dust and shock. Their superb sound quality and comfort will help to increase your motivation as you train to the beats of your favorite songs. If you need a moderately priced set of wireless headphones for your training, then read this detailed review to discover more about its unique features.



It has a comfortable design that includes over-ear hooks and ear gels. This design provides greater comfort and is more user-friendly than other in-ear wings used in other products. The left and right earbuds are connected by a reflective cord that comes in three different colors: blue, yellow and red. The reflective cord helps to increase your visibility when you run in low light conditions. Jabra also included three sets of ear gels, so you can try each of them on and pick one set that gives the greatest comfort.

With the ergonomic design and the ultra-secure FitClip, you will never bother about the headphones hurting you or falling out of your ears. Built with avid runners and athletes in mind, these lightweight headphones, which weigh less than 23 grams, also offer IP54 rated water resistance. So you can run under light showers or on a hot and sweaty afternoon and they will keep giving you high quality sound.

Connectivity and Control

To pair with your smartphone and other Bluetooth enabled music players, the ear buds uses Bluetooth 4.1. This version offers you better performance, faster connectivity and lower power consumption than Bluetooth 2.0 technology used in many competing brands. Like other Bluetooth aware devices, you can connect with gadgets that are within 33 feet radius from you. To make it easier to connect with your chosen device, Jabra provides easy-to-follow voice instructions.

The headphones are quite easy to control. Behind your right ear, you will find controls for volume, track selection, and interaction with the Sport Life app. The volume + and – buttons also serve as skip forward and skip back buttons. You also have buttons to end calls and reject calls. The Sport Life app enables you to plan and monitor your training and provides fitness information. It also helps you to see how much battery power you have left. With its intuitive interface, it provides you with motivational training tips that enable you to stretch beyond your limit and improve your routines.

Sound Quality

The low frequency sounds come out powerfully through these headphones. So you can play music with heavy metal and various types of aggressive music and enjoy high quality bass. They also give distinct mid sounds that allow you to hear clear guitar and bass that do not play off on each other. Similarly, high frequency sounds from electronic percussion and synthesized sounds come out nicely without any irritating noise. They provide excellent stereo separation and surround sound effects.

Battery Life

A single charge gives you about five hours of playback time. However, the Rapid Charge technology allows you to charge a flat battery to a full charge within 75 minutes. That is equivalent to about 15 minutes of charging for an hour of playback. You can use the USB cable to charge the earphones from a laptop or from the mains socket.

The Jabra Sport Pace Verdict

  • Secure fit: The over-ear hooks are secure and suitable for running on the road, on track or on a trail.
  • Rapid Charge: The quick-charging system is extremely helpful when you have to do a brief workout with little preparation.
  • Sport Life app: This well built smartphone app works seamlessly with these headphones. Other apps like spotify may also used to stream music.
  • Lightweight: These headphones are very light so you can put them on for a long time without any discomfort.
  • Good sound quality: High, mid and low frequency sounds come out clean and clear.
  • The 5 hour battery life may be inadequate for very long runs.
  • More ear gel options could be provided for those who could not find a perfect fit using the three provided in the box.

2. Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

jaybird x2The Jaybird X2 wireless headphones are a reliable set of earphones that will offer you a continuous stream of high quality music while you run. With its great sound quality, functionality, sweat resistance, and superior battery life, you will have a rewarding experience when you use these wireless headphones. The following review will provide the important details about its design, functionality and performance.



Jaybird’s designers drew inspiration from BlueBuds X and so the X2 looks just like its predecessor. The Jaybird X2 comes in a variety of attractive colors. The left and right earbuds are fairly large in size and they are connected with a tangle-free flattened cord. This cord is meant to rest at the back of your head throughout your workout and you may adjust its length using any of the three management clips included in the package. The bulky earbuds could be a little tricky to handle initially but the size is justified by the larger battery that gives you a longer time to use them on a single charge.

To improve the comfort of the X2, Jaybird added six sets of ear tips comprising both silicone tips and Comfy memory foam tips, with the memory foam tips offering greater comfort. However, the three ear fins added to keep them secure require time and practice to fit properly. You need to try different fins before you get one that will fit securely without any discomfort. The use of the ear fins is optional so you can leave them out if you feel the earbuds will not wiggle out of your ears.

User Controls

On the right earpiece, you can find a micro USB port as well as the inline remote. The remote contains all the features you need to control media or answer phone calls without handling your mobile phone. The volume control serves a dual purpose. You may use it to reduce or increase the volume by pressing it once. But by holding the volume control, for a second, you can skip forward or go back to a previous song on your playlist.

In the middle of the two volume control buttons, you will find the multi-function button. This button allows you to play or pause a track and it enables you to pick a call or hang up. The third major function of this button is to turn off the earphones and conserve the battery power. Pressing it down for about 3 seconds will shut off the device.

Battery Life

The X2 has a manufacturer-specified battery life of 8 hours. This can easily be extended to 10 hours if you don’t operate the controls often and you use a mid-range volume to listen to music. An eight-hour charge would definitely be enough to see you through a very long run before you need to recharge the battery. When it is time to recharge the device, you can find the micro USB port concealed at the back of a cap on the right earpiece just on top of the remote.


Like all Bluetooth-enabled wireless gadgets, you must pair the headphones with other devices for them to work together. All the instructions you need to follow are available via voice prompts delivered by Jenna. The X2 with smartphones quickly and seamlessly as long as Bluetooth is turned on. To complete the pairing, you need to hold down the middle button till you hear a voice prompt from Jenna telling you that the earpiece has been paired successfully. In some cases, you may need to complete a final verification on your laptop or smartphone. When you are not running, you can use X2 to listen to music streaming from a device that is close to 30 feet away.

Sound Quality

The Jaybird X2 produces balanced high quality sound whether you play hard rock, hip hop or jazz. The relatively large earpieces produce better quality sound when you are making calls or listening to music. Bass performance is clean and accurate. Mid and high frequencies come out with precision and the vocals come out distinctly without any noise or distortion.

The Jaybird X2 Verdict

  • Long battery life: The 8-hour per charge battery is one of the best among wireless headphones.
  • Good smartphone compatibility: Works well on both Android and iOS smartphones with a wide variety of music playing apps and services.
  • Excellent sound quality: Very few wireless headphones can give the same kind of performance on all types of songs.
  • Attractive design and build: The earphone has a slick matte finish and it comes in several attractive color schemes.
  • The positioning of the controls makes it almost impossible to operate them while running.
  • The ear fins require a lot of testing to locate the right fit.
  • Large size: The larger size of the earpieces may seem cumbersome for some users.

3. Sol Republic Shadow Wireless In-Ear Headphones

sol republic shadowThe Sol Republic Shadow wireless headphones combine a unique style, superior audio quality and other exceptional features, to make them one of the most useful sports earbuds you can buy. That is why we have provided this detailed review. As you read it, you will discover the main reasons why you should join other runners who are using and enjoying these that hang around your neck.



The Sol Republic Shadow were designed like a piece of jewelry. They have a smooth finish with attractive metal accents on the earbuds and tips. They come in attractive color combinations such as black with steel accents and milky white with rose gold accents. When you wear the earbuds, thin cords attach them to a structured neck strap. That is why they look more fashionable than other wireless headphones. This unique neck strap bends in the mid section to fit comfortably behind your neck. But the ends are rigid so they can hold the controls. To protect the earbuds from sweat and enable you to wash them when they are dirty, Sol Republic has added some water resistance.


Sol Republic provided three sizes of ear tips in the package: small, medium and large. The medium and large sizes fit snugly and are more effective for keeping background and ambient noise out. They are ideal for use in the gym and on quiet trails. However, they should be used cautiously when you run on a busy street during the day or at night. The neck collar stays secure around the neck but it moves with you as your turn your neck so the earbuds remain stable in your ears. They are so comfortable, you can afford to keep them on your neck even when you are not running or listening to music.

Sound Quality

Audio quality on these headphones is balanced with the bass, mid and high frequencies coming out distinctly in every track. So whether you are listening to rock or heavy metal with a lot of bass and low frequencies, or you want to experience the soothing feeling of R & B tracks, you will enjoy clean, clear and well separated sound output. However, to justify its status as a sports headset, Shadow Wireless is a bit biased towards deeper bass.

Battery Life

The Shadow delivers an above-average battery life of eight hours. This is far better than the 5 – 6 hours offered by many more expensive wireless headphones. You will be able to squeeze out close to 9 hours or a little more from a single charge if you do not run the battery down at a stretch. When the battery is low, you will hear a voice prompt telling you to recharge the device. The micro USB charging port is located on the left side of the neck collar.

Double Device Connectivity

With the Sol Republic Shadow, you can connect to two different smartphones via bluetooth. As long as the two phones are not further than 30 feet from you, you can play and pause music tracks from two different devices seamlessly. So if your friend is playing a particular track or listening to your favorite song on Pandora radio, you can switch over to share the excitement using your headphones.

The Sol Republic Shadow Verdict

  • High quality sound: The sound produced by the earphones is balanced, clean and clear.
  • Long battery life: Provides at least eight hours of music streaming on a single charge.
  • Affordable: Most runners can afford to buy them.
  • Great Value: The features exceed what you will expect from most headphones at the same price point.
  • Dual-device connectivity: You can use the earphone to listen to music from two different mobile devices.
  • Stellar design: Very fashionable and stylish design.
  • There are no ear wings or ear hooks to secure the earbuds while running.
  • They could loosen during exercise.

4. Photive PH-BTE70 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

photive ph bte70The Photive PH-BTE70 wireless headphones produce excellent audio quality, quick Bluetooth pairing and a secure comfortable fit. With the advanced sound production and moisture resistant technology used in this affordable pair of wireless headphones, runners can enjoy inspiring music for several hours even when running in the rain.



The PH-BTE70 has been completely re-designed and it offers significant improvement over its predecessor – Photive PH-BTE50. It has a lightweight, comfortable and minimalistic design. For the housing, Photive uses a universal black color that will fit both men and women. On the external surface, there is a thin layer of Liquipel that provides protection from sweat and moisture. Liquipel repels liquids from the surface so you can run in the sweaty hot weather or under the rain without damaging these earphones. To keep the earbuds stable and firm in your ears while running, Photive added flexible ear hooks. These hooks fit into different ear sizes and they are quite comfortable. So you can put them on and literately forget them in your ears.

Comfort and Fit

Since these earbuds are made with soft material and they are quite small in size, they don’t irritate your ears or cause any discomfort. After many hours of running, you can still keep them on. The bendable ear hooks also cling to your ears without causing any pain. So while you are involved in a rigorous workout, you won’t be distracted by irritating ear tips or be bothered about re-fixing your earbuds in your ears.

Sound Quality

PH-BTE70 uses the APTX sound system to deliver excellent audio quality. This advanced sound balancing system delivers high, mid and low frequencies with amazing clarity. So you can hear the distinct sounds of each instrument used in the sound track. Bass production on these earbuds is significantly high when compared with their small size. So within a wide volume range, you can enjoy very loud output. Whether you want to listen to rock, hip hop, heavy metal music or cool R & B tunes, you should expect superior sound production from these headphones.

Battery Life

You can get at least 6 hours of battery usage on a single charge. This is sufficient for a few days of running if you workout for about 1 to 2 hours daily. To charge the earbuds, you can use the micro USB cable that came in the box. Charging time is about 20 minutes per hour of use. So you can recharge a flat battery to full strength within 2 hours. Bear in mind that the volume level you use to listen to music will affect the rate at which the battery gets drained.

Controls And Connectivity

PH-BTE70 has a unique set of controls. Instead of the universal inline controls, Photive has provided a few multi-function buttons for you to play and pause tracks, increase or decrease the volume and to switch the device on or off. This may require a little practice to master but the buttons serve as a nice compliment to the minimalistic design of the lightweight earphones. Connecting the headphones to your smartphone or tablet is a straight forward process. You only need to hold down a button for a few seconds as long as Bluetooth has been activated on your mobile device. PH-BTE70 comes with Bluetooth 4.1, which gives faster connectivity and lower power consumption.

The Photive PH-BTE70 Verdict

  • Excellent fit and comfort: The ear hooks are designed to fit perfectly in your ears without any pain or discomfort.
  • Simple user controls: The buttons for playing music, connecting to your smartphone and receiving calls are very easy to use.
  • Fast Bluetooth pairing: Connectivity to your music player is fast and seamless as long as it is within a distance of 33 feet.
  • Superior sound quality: Sound production is clean, clear and balanced with deep bass output.
  • Voice quality through the microphone while answering calls could be better.
  • You have only one main color to choose from, and the black color provided is not conspicuous or reflective.

5. Powerbeats 2 Wireless In-Ear Headphones

powerbeats 2The Powerbeats 2 are comfortable and attractive wireless headphones. This headset offers a significant improvement over the first version with a matte-textured finish, good water resistance, and heavy bass sounds. It also provides a snug and secure fit in the ears. In this review, you will discover some of the unique features that make these wireless headphones suitable for running and many other types of workouts.



The earbuds of the Powerbeats 2 are lightweight and comfortable. They come in over 10 different attractive colors, some of which are very conspicuous and appropriate for running on the road. They make it easy for other road users to know that you have an in-ear headset on and you may not be very responsive to external sounds. These colors are also more reflective at night or in low-light situations.

To ensure that they fit your ears perfectly, Beats provides four sets of ear tips ranging from very small to large. They also provide some silicone hooks that grip unto the ear’s cartilage. Bulb-like pieces of plastic come out from each earpiece to help them stay inside your ears while running. Beats joined them with a tangle-free flat rubber cord.

User Controls

On the left earbud in the Powerbeats 2 are the main controls for power, volume control and answering calls. The power button also serves as the Bluetooth pairing button and it is located just above the Beats logo. Very close to it, you will find the LED indicator that provides signals about battery life and status of the Bluetooth pairing. At the base of the left earpiece, there is a micro USB charging port.

For volume control, you should use the universal inline controls, which has a volume rocker and middle multi-function button that can pause and play music. You can also use it to pick up and hang up calls. The controls work in a similar way on Apple and Android smartphones even though Beats has been acquired by Apple.

Sound Quality

As the name suggest, the Powerbeats 2 provide powerful performance. The main highlight of this headset is their bass output. The songs you play come out with loud bass even when the ear tips are not seating deeply in your ears. Since most runners enjoy hard rock, hip hop and heavy metal music, Beats has focused more on providing a generous amount of bass.

The mid-range frequency is quite thin while the highs don’t have as much detail. However, you could use the equalizer feature on your smartphone to make some correction to improve the output of the mid and high frequencies. As far as the signal strength is concerned, the earphones deliver consistent output without any dropout as long as the smartphone is within 30 feet. Similarly, call quality is excellent and the microphone delivers normal speaking volume to callers.

Battery Life

The Powerbeats 2 offer six hours of battery life. While this is adequate for most runners, you can squeeze out a little more battery usage by tunning down the bass on your smartphone or listening at a slightly lower volume. To make it easy for you to charge the headphones, Beats included a USB cable. This saves you the extra work of carrying a proprietary charger about. So you can easily recharge your headset using your laptop or mains power supply.

The Powerbeats 2 Verdict

  • Powerful bass: Offers powerful bass to increase your motivation while you run.
  • Universal controls: Standard inline remote controls are located beneath the left ear piece.
  • Attractive design: Spots a beautiful matte finish.
  • Improved water resistance: Beats provides IPX4 water resistance to protect from water and sweat.
  • User-friendly controls: The LED light enables you to monitor battery life and Bluetooth connectivity easily.
  • The ear hook feature may not be comfortable for all users.
  • The headphones come at a relatively high price.
  • The sound separation could be a lot better.