Jabra Sport Pace Review

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jabra sport paceThe Jabra Sport Pace are well-built bluetooth headphones that comes with several features that can enhance your performance while running or working out in the gym. Designed for both road and trail running, these wireless headphones provide adequate resistance to rain, sweat, dust and shock. Their superb sound quality and comfort will help to increase your motivation as you train to the beats of your favorite songs. If you need a moderately priced set for your training, then read this detailed review to discover more about its unique features.

Jabra Sport Pace Features

The Sport Pace have a comfortable design that includes over-ear hooks and ear gels. This design provides greater comfort and is more user-friendly than other in-ear wings used in other products. The left and right earbuds are connected by a reflective cord that comes in three different colors: blue, yellow and red. The reflective cord helps to increase your visibility when you run in low light conditions. Jabra also included three sets of ear gels, so you can try each of them on and pick one set that gives the greatest comfort.

With the ergonomic design and the ultra-secure FitClip, you will never bother about headphones hurting you or falling out of your ears. Built with avid runners and athletes in mind, these lightweight headphones, which weigh less than 23 grams, also offer IP54 rated water resistance. So you can run under light showers or on a hot and sweaty afternoon and they will keep giving you high quality sound.

To pair with your smartphone and other Bluetooth enabled music players, the ear buds uses Bluetooth 4.1. This version offers you better performance, faster connectivity and lower power consumption than Bluetooth 2.0 technology used in many competing brands. Like other Bluetooth aware devices, you can connect with gadgets that are within 33 feet radius from you. To make it easier to connect with your chosen device, Jabra provides easy-to-follow voice instructions.

The Sport Pace are quite easy to control. Behind your right ear, you will find controls for volume, track selection, and interaction with the Sport Life app. The volume + and – buttons also serve as skip forward and skip back buttons. You also have buttons to end calls and reject calls. The Sport Life app enables you to plan and monitor your training and provides fitness information. It also helps you to see how much battery power you have left. With its intuitive interface, it provides you with motivational training tips that enable you to stretch beyond your limit and improve your routines.

The low frequency sounds come out powerfully through the Sport Pace. So you can play music with heavy metal and various types of aggressive music and enjoy high quality bass. They also give distinct mid sounds that allow you to hear clear guitar and bass that do not play off on each other. Similarly, high frequency sounds from electronic percussion and synthesized sounds come out nicely without any irritating noise. They provide excellent stereo separation and surround sound effects.

A single charge gives you about five hours of playback time. However, the Rapid Charge technology allows you to charge a flat battery to a full charge within 75 minutes. That is equivalent to about 15 minutes of charging for an hour of playback. You can use the USB cable to charge the earphones from a laptop or from the mains socket.

  • Secure fit: The over-ear hooks are secure and suitable for running on the road, on track or on a trail.
  • Rapid Charge: The quick-charging system is extremely helpful when you have to do a brief workout with little preparation.
  • Sport Life app: This well built smartphone app works seamlessly with these headphones. Other apps like spotify may also used to stream music.
  • Lightweight: These headphones are very light so you can put them on for a long time without any discomfort.
  • Good sound quality: High, mid and low frequency sounds come out clean and clear.
  • The 5 hour battery life may be inadequate for very long runs.
  • More ear gel options could be provided for those who could not find a perfect fit using the three provided in the box.


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