Jaybird X2 Review

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jaybird x2The Jaybird X2 are a reliable set of earphones that will offer you a continuous stream of high quality music while you run. With its great sound quality, functionality, sweat resistance, and superior battery life, you will have a rewarding experience when you use these great wireless headphones. The following review will provide the important details about its design, functionality and performance.

Jaybird’s designers drew inspiration from BlueBuds X and so the X2 looks just like its predecessor. The Jaybird X2 comes in a variety of attractive colors. The left and right earbuds are fairly large in size and they are connected with a tangle-free flattened cord. This cord is meant to rest at the back of your head throughout your workout and you may adjust its length using any of the three management clips included in the package. The bulky earbuds could be a little tricky to handle initially but the size is justified by the larger battery that gives you a longer time to use them on a single charge.

To improve the comfort of the X2, Jaybird added six sets of ear tips comprising both silicone tips and Comfy memory foam tips, with the memory foam tips offering greater comfort. However, the three ear fins added to keep them secure require time and practice to fit properly. You need to try different fins before you get one that will fit securely without any discomfort. The use of the ear fins is optional so you can leave them out if you feel the earbuds will not wiggle out of your ears.

On the right earpiece, you can find a micro USB port as well as the inline remote. The remote contains all the features you need to control media or answer phone calls without handling your mobile phone. The volume control serves a dual purpose. You may use it to reduce or increase the volume by pressing it once. But by holding the volume control, for a second, you can skip forward or go back to a previous song on your playlist.

In the middle of the two volume control buttons, you will find the multi-function button. This button allows you to play or pause a track and it enables you to pick a call or hang up. The third major function of this button is to turn off the earphones and conserve the battery power. Pressing it down for about 3 seconds will shut off the device.

The X2 has a manufacturer-specified battery life of 8 hours. This can easily be extended to 10 hours if you don’t operate the controls often and you use a mid-range volume to listen to music. An eight-hour charge would definitely be enough to see you through a very long run before you need to recharge the battery. When it is time to recharge the device, you can find the micro USB port concealed at the back of a cap on the right earpiece just on top of the remote.

Like all Bluetooth-enabled wireless gadgets, you must pair the headphones with other devices for them to work together. All the instructions you need to follow are available via voice prompts delivered by Jenna. The X2 with smartphones quickly and seamlessly as long as Bluetooth is turned on. To complete the pairing, you need to hold down the middle button till you hear a voice prompt from Jenna telling you that the earpiece has been paired successfully. In some cases, you may need to complete a final verification on your laptop or smartphone. When you are not running, you can use X2 to listen to music streaming from a device that is close to 30 feet away.

The Jaybird X2 produces balanced high quality sound whether you play hard rock, hip hop or jazz. The relatively large earpieces produce better quality sound when you are making calls or listening to music. Bass performance is clean and accurate. Mid and high frequencies come out with precision and the vocals come out distinctly without any noise or distortion.

  • Long battery life: The 8-hour per charge battery is one of the best there is on the market.
  • Good smartphone compatibility: Works well on both Android and iOS smartphones with a wide variety of music playing apps and services.
  • Excellent sound quality: Very few can give the same kind of performance on all types of songs.
  • Attractive design and build: The earphone has a slick matte finish and it comes in several attractive color schemes.
  • The positioning of the controls makes it almost impossible to operate them while running.
  • The ear fins require a lot of testing to locate the right fit.
  • Large size: The larger size of the earpieces may seem cumbersome for some users.


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