Top 19 Best Heart Rate Monitors – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

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Your heart, unsurprisingly, performs an important role when it comes to regulating your cardiovascular system. In fact, you will be able to achieve your objectives by tracking the performance of your heart in the course of a physical exercise session. A heart rate monitor will make you conscious of your resting heart rate while offering a summary of your overall health as well. In the following paragraphs, we have described the best heart rate monitors out there in a nutshell.

Best Chest Strap Heart Rate Trackers

Standard trackers feature an elastic chest band which you wear around the chest. A signal is transmitted by the band by means of Bluetooth Smart connection to a monitor that you put on your wrist. The chest strap monitor, just like an electrocardiogram, transmits signals regarding your pulse rate and you are able to see your heart rate instantly.

Garmin Premium

garmin premiumWhile wearing the Garmin Premium during your exercise, it will transmit your heart rate wireless to a compatible device. The gadget will provide you with instantaneous feedback on your session’s intensity. One essential plus point of the Garmin Premium is that it is both light in weight as well as comfy. It is mainly because of the soft and anti-chafe material which the monitor features. It is also possible to adjust the dimensions because of the adjustable strap which will provide you with a perfect fit for maximum accuracy. You will hardly feel that you are actually wearing it because of the super light strap. You simply need to pair this amazing device with your compatible gadget once. Following this, it will automatically recognize every single time it is switched on. You will not find it difficult to clean the Garmin heart rate strap and you can even wash it using your hands whenever you want thanks to the removable heart rate module.


wahoo tickr
The Wahoo TICKR heart rate monitor is a reliable and accurate device that provides real-time measurement of your heart rate and the calories burned during training. With the extensive compatibility and multiple wireless connection technologies, there are few devices that can match this distinct quality. It also a very affordable heart rate sensor that most runners can easily afford. The monitor provides an advanced way to improve your heart rate. nn combination with the Wahoo RunFit app it helps you to ensure that your running and exercise in the gym is more efficient. The TICKR supports dual network bands (ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0) and it can work with GPS devices.

Garmin HRM Tri

Garmin HRM Tri
The breathtaking Garmin HRM TRi is actually intended for the triathletes. You can also put it on while swimming since it is able to store pulse rate data under water. It is also capable of transmitting real-time pulse rate to any compatible smartwatch while it is outside the water. As a matter of fact, this model happens to be arguably the smallest one manufactured by the company and its soft edges definitely add to the comfort of the user. The life of the battery is more than 10 months assuming that you’re using it for one hour daily.

MyZone MZ-3

MyZone MZ-3
The MyZone MZ-3 happens to be one of the most reliable and versatile fitness trackers out there which use Bluetooth, Analog technology as well as ANT+ are offering real-time feedback on your calories burned, pulse rate, as well as the distance, traversed. This will definitely help you to enhance your workouts to a great extent. The inbuilt memory of this device implies that it is possible to make every single session count even though you might be training away from the fitness center where you are not permitted to carry your smartphone.

Polar H7

polar h7The breathtaking Polar H7 depends on a smartphone to operate. Although this gadget includes a heart rate sensor, all of the important information is stored on your phone. You might not find this product to be ideal for you in case you do not want to run or even exercise with your phone. The positive aspect regarding this device is that it only makes use of low energy Bluetooth which implies that it is not required to slow down to constantly change the removable battery. It includes different strap sizes which will fit with anyone’s body in any situation. Apart from this, it also provides a two-year warranty which will enable you to try this product without any risk. Also, the Polar H7 has the ability to connect to the majority of the gym equipment as well as training apps.

Best Heart Rate Trackers For Your Wrist

In wrist monitors, the sensors for reading heart rate are loaded in a fitness strap or band. It is possible to obtain your readings anytime throughout the day or at the time of your workouts so long as you are wearing the watch on the wrist. However, precision happens to be the most significant problem with these heart rate trackers. In fact, when compared with a chest strap even the most effective wrist heart rate monitor will be somewhat less accurate. Nevertheless, many wrist sensors are superior to others.

Polar FT7

polar ft7The Polar FT7 is not only innovative but also quite sophisticated and the best thing is that it happens to be a training computer as well. Besides this, being water-resistant, you can use it while swimming in the pool. But you should not use it while diving. This product comes in an array of different color choices which allows you to select one according to your lifestyle. The device can measure your average as well as maximum heart rate accurately. Furthermore, it is possible to set targets zones for your training routine based on maximum heart rate percentage, heartbeats every minute as well as heart rate reserve percentage.

Polar A360

Polar A360 Wristband
The wonderful waterproof Polar A360 heart rate monitor has got a user-friendly touchscreen LCD as well as an attractive oblong watch face. Apart from computing the pulse rate while performing workouts, this device also provides information regarding the distance traversed as well as calories burned which will definitely help you to achieve your ultimate objective. You’ll be able to see the statistics, as well as times, which are displayed on the screen boldly and a vibration of the band can route modifications from your smartphone. In fact, you will never want to take the gadget off after putting it on.


The incredible Mio LINK happens to be a wristband which is intended to provide pulse rate information to several third-party products such as Garmin Edge 810 (by means of ANT+), Polar VR800 (by means of BlueTooth 4.0), and Smartphones APPS like MapMyRide, Strava and so on without the requirement of any chest strap. Your pulse rate is being picked up by the equipment from your blood pump directly which is detected in your wrist. It might be the fact that you do not prefer to put on a chest strap and in this case, this particular strapless heart rate monitor is going to be an ideal alternative to it.


Mio FUSE Heart Rate, Sleep + Activity Tracker
The revolutionary wrist-based HRM was actually offered by Mio at first and the company has produced an array of top-notch plus precise heart rate monitors. The Mio FUSE is no exception to this and although it is not that pretty, it will still provide the user with adequate security as well as comfort. Your statistics are going to be displayed when you tap the LED screen which comes along with the device. Besides monitoring your activity, you can also be able to see the time, the distance traversed as well as the calories burned. This particular pulse rate monitor is reputed for keeping things quite simple while performing its tasks efficiently.

Best Fitness Trackers With A Heart Rate Monitor

Fitness trackers have become immensely popular during the past couple of years. You might be a health enthusiast and in that case, a fitness tracker is ideal for tracking your day-to-day workout progress. Apart from functioning like a watch, it will also monitor your pulse rate to let you understand when you have attained your optimum limit. Those who are struggling with cardiovascular illnesses or are conscious about the health of their heart will find these devices to be extremely helpful. If you are looking for a light workout such as strolling around and would like to have a tracker to track your heart rate, then these fitness trackers are ideal for you. These will provide you with total satisfaction with flawless pulse rate readings at an affordable price. The device is ideal for the more youthful generation since it is now possible to check one’s Twitter as well as Facebook notifications by using the tracker. What’s more, the tracker is going to vibrate on the wrist notifying you of any message and this will eliminate the need of checking your smartphone every now and then.

Fitbit Surge

Fitbit Surge
There are some obvious reasons why this particular heart rate monitor has become so popular these days. The manufacturer is reputed for producing some breathtaking products and the Fitbit Surge happens to be amongst the most recent of them. It performs lots of essential functions including notifying you of any incoming phone call, monitoring your slumber as well as steps, making use of the innovative GPS for tracking your outdoor activities and much more. All these outstanding features have made the Fitbit Surge extremely popular amongst the athletes across the globe.

Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2
The Fitbit Charge 2 is known to perform a variety of tasks as well as exercises. It will help to monitor your cycling, sprinting, weights, and elliptical as well as general workouts. This definitely makes it one of the most sophisticated monitorsto measure your heart rate which are available at an affordable price. Although one should not find it tough to utilize this device without too much difficulty, one cannot deny the fact that it is a bit hard to navigate since multiple clicks might be required for performing certain actions. Despite the fact that it does not come with 100% waterproofing, it is packed with plenty of essential features that will definitely prove to be helpful to you.

Garmin Forerunner 735XT

Garmin Forerunner 735XT
Although the astounding Forerunner 735XT might be a bit expensive, it is definitely a coveted accessory for virtually any athlete. This remarkable GPS sports watch makes use of powerful pulse rate sensors which are appreciated by individuals performing professional fitness training. In fact, the high price of this product definitely justifies its effectiveness. Apart from having the conventional features, it exudes comfort and convenience with every single move. The cutting-edge Forerunner 735XT is also able to provide a plethora of information which might be required for any fitness program.

Best Heart Rate Monitor Watches

Heart rate monitor watches are usually an integral part of the majority of the fitness programs. These compact and convenient gadgets will provide you with precise pulse rate readings and much more irrespective of whether you happen to be a beginner hoping to get in shape or maybe an experienced sportsman. The watches include target heart rate zones as well as recovery zones, whilst others provide info on calories burnt plus the distance traversed.

Scosche RHYTHM+

scoscheThe Scosche RHYTHM+ is actually a Bluetooth-driven product which helps to keep track of the heart rate across several apps. The Bluetooth connectivity is utilized by the device for connecting to a gadget of its own choice, usually Android or iOS, because of the fact that the apps which function with this product come from Google Play as well as the Apple App Store and from there it can be utilized with the apps as an accurate heart rate monitor. Moreover, the monitor also features a couple of different wristbands which guarantees a proper fit. One can use it at a depth of as much as 1 m under water for half an hour although it has been found that the unit might get damaged if it is submerged for a long time.

Garmin Fenix 5

garmin fenix 5
In case the user is searching for a top-notch sports watch then this is the one which comes in a bomb-proof case. This watch includes an altimeter, a compass as well as a barometer. It also can boast of a durable exterior which will definitely protect the device from any kind of abuse. Apart from this, it is also 100 meters water resistant. The display is always on with a transflective surface which makes use of sunlight for making the screen brighter. It will provide you with a respirator as well as the intensity of your training during the previous week.

TomTom Spark 3

TomTom Spark 3 Cardio
The Spark 3 truly justifies its name by being a pulse rate tracker which is also capable of playing music. As a result, you do not require any chest strap while you are working out. In fact, the HR tracking is simply fantastic and also accurate. It provides you with information regarding how much time has been spent while running or working out. The battery life is also quite good and it has got as much as 11 hours of GPS tracking. However, the device will not offer any notification since it is not going to be attached to your smartphone.

Polar M600

Polar M600
This pulse rate monitor is something which functions as both an activity tracker as well as a GPS watch. Moreover, the innovative Android Wear feature has been added to it which makes it stay ahead of the competition. On top of this, it will also come to use while you’re swimming since it is extremely water resistant. It also features the company’s own dedicated fitness application. It will likewise support music by means of the Bluetooth headphones. The battery is going to last for as much as one week before you need to recharge it.

Best Polar Heart Rate Monitors

While working out, you would like to ensure that you get it done properly. You might make efforts to burn off fat, get trimmer or even win a competition and in that case, Polar will allow you to train at the correct intensity and pace. A Polar heart rate monitor on your wrist is similar to having a fitness trainer who will guide you all the way. One innovative feature of the Polar rate heart monitor happens to be the Polar OwnCal Feature that counts and also shows your calorie expenditure. Train at the proper intensity anytime using the Polar OwnZone function which ascertains the limitations of individual pulse rate for a workout session.

Polar FT1

polar ft1
Sometimes the consumers look for a basic pulse rate monitor and in that case, the Polar FT1 is not going to disappoint you. Apart from helping you with adequate comfort as well as precision, it will aid the exercises to perform their workouts without experiencing any stress at all. It comes with a manual heart rate target zone which makes it simpler to enhance your fitness. Apart from this, it will also be feasible to get a display of the workout that you performed last. The presence of a one-button start will definitely help to make things simpler. Moreover, the display is quite large for anyone to read it accurately.

Polar M200

Polar M200
The Polar M200 comes with an extremely attractive which is likewise quite resilient. The soft rubber material from which it has been made appears really fantastic on your wrist. Another important thing is that you do not find it difficult to read the display even in illuminated conditions. It is interesting to note that every single product from Polar have accessibility to the polar ecosystem known as Polar Flow. This particular application will enable you to become responsible for your fitness targets and also develop your mentality just like other like-minded folks.

Polar H1

Polar H1
This particular pulse rate monitor is mainly intended to provide comfort to the user which will surely enhance his performance. Apart from its regular function of measuring your password, it is also able to adapt to the shape of your body which will allow you to concentrate on your workouts without worrying about any equipment obstructing you. The Polar H1 can boast of a streamlined and slim design being manufactured from a top quality fabric material. It includes a sensor as well as a chest strap. Being extremely accurate, the device is able to transmit data in a coded form which will prevent any interference from other objects in close vicinity.

Buying Guide

There are different individuals who might require one and among them, the most common ones are the sportsmen, recreational exercisers as well as joggers. Cyclists will be able to use this device for monitoring their performance during endurance, tempo and interval rides. It hardly matters whether the cyclist is on the road, a trail or even a stationary trainer. Some monitors are able to provide more information by means of a cadence sensor or a foot pad. On rigorous training days, the sprinters will be able to remain in their optimum target zone with the aid.

Monitors will be useful for the hikers, climbers and also skiers to get conditioned properly while they are trying to ascend a peak. Individuals that are concerned about losing weight will also find these devices to be extremely beneficial along with a proper diet plan and regular workouts. The majority of these monitors will display the number of calories burned while training and thus they can help the individual in burning extra fat. These will also be useful for those people who are recuperating from any illness or injury and it is mainly because of the real-time feedback which will ensure that the patient slowly gets back his or her full strength without any risk at all.

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