Garmin Premium Review

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garmin premium reviewThe Garmin Soft Strap Premium is a fitness tracking device that provides an accurate real time measurement of your heart rate. Specially designed to meet the needs of runners, athletes and very active individuals, the Garmin Premium HRM sits on your chest comfortably and transfers data to your Garmin smart watch and other compatible devices while you pursue your fitness goals. In this detailed review, you will discover why this heart rate monitor is a popular choice among both male and female runners.

The Garmin Premium has a soft comfortable fabric, which wraps around the chest. This strap has an adjustable design (with a size ranging from 21″ to 29.5″), so it will fit you perfectly. Made of breathable synthetic mesh material, this strap can be worn on the body without any irritation or chaffing. The material enhances airflow around your chest and reduces the accumulation of sweat and moisture, especially while you are running or working out in the gym.

The device connects to wearable devices without much effort. To see your heart rate values, this device connects to many compatible Garmin and third party devices including smart wristwatches and other wearable devices. It also connects to other devices using the ANT network protocol. ANT is a short range wireless communication technology for short range connectivity. The device will connect to your wearable device as long as it is within a distance of 3 meters from your chest.

ANT communication technology is very effective because it will not interfere with other devices and equipment, especially when you are training in the gym. After the first connection, subsequent connections are fast and seamless. Immediately after you put on the strap you will see your measurements on your wearable device.

The Garmin Premium is compatible with over 100 Garmin wearable devices. So if you already have a Garmin wearable device that supports the ANT wireless network protocol, you should be able to enjoy instant connectivity. Some of the popular Garmin wearable brands that are compatible with the Premium HRM3 include: Astro, Colorado, Edge, eTrex, fenix, Forerunner, GPSMAP, Montana, Oregon, Rino, VIRB, Vivoactive and Vivofit. Most of these devices connect directly with smartphones, so you will also be able to see your heart rate on the Garmin fitness website.

Like every premium fitness strap fabric, the Garmin soft strap needs to be cleaned to keep performing well under rigorous training conditions. The device comes with a detachable monitoring module so you must remove it before washing the strap. Cleaning the strap regularly will prevent the build up of salt, sweat and dirt that can affect the accuracy of the measurement. If you use the strap every day, washing it once a week will make it more efficient and enhance the accuracy of the device. The installations manual contains detailed instructions on how to wash the strap by hand or in a washing machine.

* Wide compatibility: You can use it with a wide range of wearable devices.
* Easy to use: The strap is very easy to wear, and you can easily adjust it to fit the size of your chest.
* Easy to clean: With the detachable monitoring module, this strap can easily be separated, cleaned and reconnected.
* Durability: The strap and monitor module are durable and they are supported by Garmin’s exceptional customer service.
* Long battery life: The battery that comes with this device can last for up to 4 years if you only use it for an hour or less a day. If you use it to run or workout for long hours, you will have to change the battery within a shorter time.
* Comfort: The soft breathable strap offers superior comfort and it prevents chaffing or irritation.
* Water resistance: This device is water resistant and it will not get damaged at a depth of 90 feet. However, it is not designed for swimming.

* Women sometimes find it difficult to fit the strap below a sports bra.
* The battery life is not that long.

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