Top 5 Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet

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Looking for the best running shoes for flat feet your money can buy? Then just take a quick look over the table below, and get the info about the shoes you’re looking for.

asics gt 2000 3Asics GT 2000 3 Check Price
brooks beast 14Brooks Beast 14 Check Price
asics gel kayano 21Asics Gel Kayano 21 Check Price
new balance 940v2New Balance 940v2 Check Price
fila interstellar 2Fila Interstellar 2 Check Price

Asics GT 2000 3

The new Asics GT 2000 3 are great shoes which will give you a cloud like feeling. The GT 2000 3 has greatly improved and has better cushioning and stability, great for runners with flat feet. This magnificent stability running shoe offers even more effective features which will give you a wonderful running experience. Apart from adding more features to the shoe, Asics also retained the brilliant features of its’ previous version which were pretty effective. When running with this shoe, you’ll absolutely improve on your performance and the shoe will even let you to run for much longer distances. This shoe is perfect for moderate over pronators.

Brooks Beast 14

Brooks Beast 14 is actually considered to be the king of motion control shoes because of its’ great cushioning and maximum support. These shoes are especially beneficial to the severe overpronators. (Overpronation is excessive rolling of your foot inwards when the outer part of your heel hits the ground). This motion control shoe makes sure that you’re able to control the shoes when running; this is very important when it comes to avoiding accidents.

Asics Gel Kayano 21

This is the lightest Kayano shoe. The shoe has great cushioning, thanks to the new 2 layer midsole foam design. With the new additions to both comfort, cushioning, and sockliner, this superb shoe continues to make great advancements in regards to stability. As far as stability goes, the Gel Kayano is the best shoe in the Kayano series. It offers more cushioning and creates 40% more bounce back. With its’ new lighter fluid ride midsole and gel cushioning, this shoe is designed for high mileage running. Along with top notch upper technologies to make sure a fit that’s customized to your feet, the Kayano provides a very luxurious stable ride all through.

New Balance 940v2

Thanks to the New Balance 940v2, being flat footed will never again be a hindrance to your running performance. This shoe features advanced support and premium cushioning which helps overpronators clock in much more miles when training. In regards to comfort, this shoe offers plush softness. It also doesn’t compromise on style or performance, which makes it an ideal running shoe for both casual and fitness purposes. The shoe has a very sturdy construction, yet it feels lightweight enough. The 940 offers great stability. Its’ mid sole and out sole platforms consist of N-ergy cushioning, Ndurance outsole, Acteva lite, T-Beam shank, stability web support, N2 cushioning technology and stabilicore, which ensure the runner is stable when training. The shoe greatly reduces the risk of imbalance and slippage, making it ideal for both professional and casual runners.

Fila Interstellar 2

The Fila Interstellar 2 is 1 of the most coveted names in running shoes. This shoe has creatively engineered features which maximize your performance. The shoe offers many advantages to all types of athletes, especially the overpronators who want a flexible ride without compromising on support and cushioning. They also very light and weighs at 10.4 ounces. Its’ platfrom is a bit wide which gives the runner more motion controlling foam under the pronating foot. Its’ forefoot overlays are welded on instead of stitched, which reduces the chances of irritation and hot spots.

What Are Flat feet?

If you have pain in your feet or ankle points, it is likely that you have flat feet. An arch creates a curve in the middle of the foot. The ligaments and tendons in your feet help form this arch. Since your feet support your entire body and when these tendons and ligaments weaken it puts weakens the arch. This condition is known as flat feet. Usually, this occurs due to result of collapsed arch. When you are standing, the sole of the foot do not touch the ground. But when you have a flat foot, the sole of your foot touches the ground. With the fallen arch, ligaments and tendons weaken, thereby causing excruciating pain in the lower leg muscle, ankle and feet. This condition can also give rise to discomfort on your lower back and hips as well as cause weakened posture.

What Causes Flat Feet?

  • Family history- one of the main reasons for a flat foot is family history. Some people believe this condition runs in the family.
  • Injury- broken bones in the feet or a sprained ankle can also give rise to this condition.
  • Arthritis- some health conditions such as arthritis often cause flat feet.
  • Ruptured tendon- Tibialis posterior or ruptured tendon is another important cause of having a flat foot. Apart from this, stretched tendon also often causes this condition.
  • Pregnancy- often pregnancy is linked with having a flat foot.
  • Shoes- wearing ill fitted or uncomfortable shoes that don’t have proper arch support also give rise to flat foot.
  • Nerve problems- people suffering from certain types of nerve problems often complain of flat foot.
  • Wear and tear or aging- aging is one of the primary reasons that causes flat feet. This is because the years of using the feet to run, jog or jump might take a toll on it. In fact, the posterior tibial tendon might become weak or it might become inflamed. After the tendon gets damaged, the arch shape becomes flat.

Guidelines When Buying Running Shoes For People With Flat Feet

There are about 20 to 25 percent of people across the world who suffer from flat foot condition. Due to this reason they are not able to wear all types of shoes since it increases the discomfort. Buying the right shoes will not only reduce the chances of injury, but will also provide good support to the feet.

The first and the most important guideline for picking up shoes for people with flat feet is understanding the feet. The arch present inside the foot acts a shock absorbing device.
Look for particular brands-There are several brands that design special shoes for people with similar conditions. Some of the big brands also design shoes based on the category, such as running or walking shoes for people with flat foot.

Buying shoes isn’t just all, you need to pick up the right size as well. Since discomfort can simply increase the problem for these people, try to buy a pair of shoes that fits well. This means, it should not be too tight or too loose.

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