Top 11 Best Mizuno Running Shoes

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Looking for the best Mizuno running shoes your money can buy? Then just take a quick look over the table below, and get the info about the shoes you’re looking for.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 13

mizuno wave inspire 13
The Inspire 13 is undoubtedly the appropriate choice for those athletes having an average arch because of the support as well as cushioning that it provides to the feet while running. The innovative upper provides lightweight and breathable support which enables your feet to have a natural movement. The midsole of the footwear comes with a revolutionary U4IC cushioning which really helps to make this shoe quite stable as well as reliable. The innovative mesh upper provides a lightweight fit without sacrificing resilience or breathability. The U4IC midsole provides fantastic cushioning underfoot which helps to reduce strain on the heel by absorbing impact shock. Long-lasting multi-surface traction is ensured by the carbon rubber outsole. Flex grooves which is present in the outsole enable a much more normal transition from heel to toe and the foam at the heel provides fantastic cushioned support.

Mizuno Catalyst


mizuno wave catalyst
The Wave Catalyst from Mizuno is actually a high performance shoe intended for the runners. It comes with a resilient and lightweight design which is ideal for high or even medium mileage running. The footwear can boast of a modern technology which provides resilient cushioning without any undesirable effect on the performance. The footwear is also suitable for high-speed running thanks to the lightweight support offered by it. The upper is embellished with an innovative AIRmesh material which allows superior breathability, airflow as well as comfort. At the toe box of the footwear as well as on the lateral and the medial sides, you’ll come across stitched overlays which help to hold the feet properly and also comfortably. The upper is provided with the Dynamotion Fit technology which allows the runner to enjoy a natural fit while running. The midsole comes with the latest foam material from the company which is known as the U4ic. Manufactured from a soft material, this foam is extremely stable and responsive. Another important highlight of the midsole is the revolutionary Pebax Fan Wave plate which provides the athlete with a smooth landing. A major portion of the footwear’s outsole comprises of the X10 carbon rubber material.

Mizuno Wave Rider 20

mizuno wave rider 20
This fantastic running shoe which, apart from offering superior support and comfort, is likewise extremely light that will make you feel as if you are running on the air. This is mainly because of the ultra-lightweight materials with which the Wave Rider 20 is manufactured. The key feature of the upper design is the innovative Triple Zone AIRMesh which has been modified to provide a rather glove-like fit. Moreover, a softer texture is responsible for enhancing this footwear providing it with improved comfort and breathability. The groundbreaking Dynamotion technology helps the shoe to retain its excellent fit. The majority of the features which make this particular footwear really useful are located within the midsole. The innovative cloudwave plate provides you with a smooth as well as soft ride by offering fantastic cushioning on the initial impact made by the heel. Besides this, the improved U4ic foam likewise provides more cushioning as compared to the original U4ic foam. The articulated U4icX wedge which is present at the heel also offers extra support. The innovative Intercool technology from Mizuno helps to keep the legs dry and cool by offering proper ventilation while running. The revolutionary Dynamotion technology helps to ensure that the Wave Rider 20 has a snug fit while you are training yourself or just performing workouts to keep fit.

Mizuno Wave Universe 5

The amazing Wave Universe 5 is reputed for providing a fantastic blend of lightweight performance and minimalist cushioning. One can use these running shoes for providing strength training to their feet or ankle muscles. It will be recommended to try out the footwear in case you happen to be a runner who wants to increase his speed by running. The upper section of the footwear comes with a flexible and breathable synthetic material known as the AIRMesh. The properly ventilated upper will help you to feel dry and cool while running. In case you are running without wearing any socks, the sock liner will help you to feel rather comfy and secure. The manufacturer has included the innovative GORE-TEX XCR which will aid in keeping your feet absolutely dry in every type of weather condition. Being a water-resistant footwear, the awesome Wave Universe 5 will help to prevent any water from entering inside. The midsole can boast of the fantastic Wave technology which is present in almost all the shoes manufactured by the company. This particular technology consists of an extended wave plate which is made from flexible thermostatic materials that provide your feet with shock attenuation as well as cushioning. The outsole of the footwear is quite light that help to increase your speed. Enhanced traction is provided by the innovative G3 sole which prevents you from slipping while running. As a matter of fact, the sole is so flat that you’ll be thinking that your actually running on bare feet. Another important thing regarding this footwear is the absence of any stiffness which it also helps to enhance your speed while sprinting.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 10

The remarkable Wave Inspire 10 from Mizuno is actually a wonderfully constructed stability running shoe offering great comfort as well as support. The footwear’s upper section consists of a lightweight synthetic mesh along with stitched overlays. As a matter of fact, the stitching is quite scanty which will help you to enjoy a comfortable fit while running. As compared to the other Mizuno running shoes, the mesh here is much sturdier which provides superior resilience as well as support. The footwear’s midsole has been completely renovated by the company. The brand-new U4ic technology is responsible for offering superior cushioning, resilience as well as responsiveness. It will be possible for any athlete to train for an extended period of time wearing Wave Inspire 10 because of the brand-new material with which it is constructed. You will come across the reputed Wave technology in the midsole. The outsole comes with X10 carbon rubber which is actually a resilient and strong material that can withstand abrasion on any type of surface. This particular footwear is also light in weight which is another thing that makes it really popular amongst the athletes. As a matter of fact, an athlete will feel so comfy under the heel that he will not even realize that he is wearing a shoe.

Mizuno Wave Rider 19

This footwear is known to offer sufficient cushioning, flexibility as well as comfort especially for the neutral runners. Apart from allowing you to train properly, the amazing Wave Rider 19 will also provide you with the performance that you require on a race day. The upper sole of this shoe comes with an enhanced upper design which helps to absorb shock and also increase is durability. The company offers a breathable material to the Wave Rider 19 called AIRMesh which is combined with the overlays attached to the mesh. Besides this, the shoe also comes with the innovative Dynamotion Fit technology which provides the footwear with a snug fit for supporting your feet. The footwear’s inner section includes a remarkable Ortholite sock liner which helps to prevent the development of bacteria because of dirt or perspiration. Moreover, it is also helps to eliminate any moisture from the foot. The midsole has been transformed by Mizuno for offering you fantastic comfort. The Wave Rider 19 offers remarkable cushioning for supporting your feet thanks to the innovative features like Intercool Ventilation System, Gender Engineered Flex, the U4ic midsole, Extended Wave Plate, Smooth Ride technology, and the Mizuno Wave technology. Additional cushioning is also provided by the flex controllers at the forefoot which help in enhanced movement of the feet. The outsole of the footwear comes with specially designed materials which help to make it resilient, comfy, flexible and more responsive. The revolutionary X10 carbon rubber is responsible for absorbing shock and also reducing impact while landing.

Mizuno Wave Creation 17

The Wave Creation 17 from Mizuno happens to be a unique running shoe which offers fantastic performance on both the road as well as the track. This lightweight footwear can be used effectively for short as well as long-distance running. The upper part of the shoe is covered by the innovative breathable AIRmesh material. This helps to enhance the air circulation which helps your feet to stay cool even after running for a long period of time. Furthermore, it prevents the feet from becoming sweaty and smelly in case you are running in hot conditions. The revolutionary Dynamotion Fit technology has been included by the company for complementing the AIRmesh material which helps to provide a snug fit while running, walking or even jogging The midsole of the footwear consists of U4ic which happens to be lightweight, resilient and responsive. It also provides you with superior cushioning which makes the shoe comfortable and light. Moreover, the Smooth Ride Engineering has been included in the construction of the midsole which helps you to control the deceleration and acceleration of your feet. The company has also introduced the superb intercool ventilation system which helps to improve the flow of air inside the footwear. The outsole consists of the resilient X10 carbon rubber material which helps to make the sole durable by offering superior abrasion resistance. Fantastic traction is also provided by the Wave Creation 17 for improving your performance and speed.

Mizuno Wave Enigma 5

This is a shoe which every athlete will dream of owning. As a matter of fact, the Wave Enigma 5 is extremely comfortable mainly because of the additional padding. The upper parts have been manufactured from a material known as AIR mesh which helps to prevent the development of bacteria when combined with the Ortho Lite Sock Liner. This helps to make the footwear extremely safe to wear while reducing the risk of any infection or any other health condition. The innovative Dynamic Fit enables the feet to move in cohesion. This is very important since it helps to minimize the risk of any injury while running. The majority of the running shoes out there have been designed for running long distances. However, the awesome Enigma 5 is one step ahead. They are the ideal choice for individuals who are training for running marathons or ultra-long distances.

Mizuno Wave Hitogami 3

When any athlete is searching for any running shoe, he usually takes into consideration the overall construction of the footwear. And when it comes to construction, the Hitogami 3 is simply the number one. The upper sole of the footwear is covered in AIRMesh which will allow your feet to breathe properly while running. This technology further ensures that your feet are not going to perspire excessively even though you might run for many miles at a stretch. One more remarkable feature of the footwear happens to be the Dynamotion fit which helps to make it extremely comfy and stretchy around your feet. Superb underfoot comfort is provided by the standard sock line while the heel cover is prevented from collapsing because of the presence of the collar construction. The exceptionally lightweight midsole is responsible for making the sole extremely resilient and competent for shock absorption. The outer sole of the Hitogami 3 includes the G3 sole which comes with an innovative rubber dotted pattern. The underfoot is also ideal for running. However, there is one drawback with the shoe and it is that the Hitogami 3 is not appropriate for running on rough surfaces.

Mizuno Wave Creation 16

The incredible Wave Creation 16 from Mizuno is actually intended for those runners who run almost every single day. These shoes are quite modern and based on the most recent technology. On top of this, it is lightweight which makes it extremely easy to put on since they won’t cause any ankle fatigue. The Wave Creation 16 comes with the innovative U4ic midsole technology that helps to make the footwear ideal for even the roughest of surfaces. Moreover, the breathtaking Dynamotion Fit helps to keep your foot secure by holding it tightly in position thus minimizing the risk of getting injured. One more plus point about this running shoe is that it is extremely resilient. Also, it is quite affordable making it hugely popular amongst the athletes these days.

Mizuno Wave Creation 18

mizuno wave creation 18
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