Best Motion Control Running Shoes

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In case you happen to be a newbie runner or a severe overpronator, Make sure not to purchase minimalist running shoes or even neutral running shoes since you will not get sufficient cushioning as well as support from them which is required while overpronating. Instead, try to go for motion control running shoes since they will offer you the proper stability, support as well as motion control. In this article, we will mention the top 5 motion control running shoes out there.

Best Motion Control Running Shoes

#1brooks beast 14Brooks Beast 14
#2brooks addiction 12Brooks Addiction 12
#3asics gel foundation 12Asics Gel Foundation 12

Brooks Addiction 12

brooks addiction 12These shoes are perhaps the most popular motion control running shoes which have been designed for moderate as well as severe overpronators. They provide a reasonable amount of stability along with sufficient cushioning which allows your feet to remain in place while running. Furthermore, you are able to move through your gait naturally because of the internal support saddle which keeps your feet in place. This amazing shoe from Brooks can also boast of an Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar which helps to control pronation. Thus, your foot remains neutral preventing plantar fasciitis and other injuries. There is also a heel crash pad in the Brooks Addiction 12 which helps to keep the particular area where the plantar fascia actually meets your heel firmly in position. You will be assured of a smooth landing because of this crash pad which will help to minimize stretching as well as tearing.

Asics Gel Foundation 12

asics gel foundation 12The Asics Gel Foundation 12 provides the sprinters with a smooth ride because of sufficient cushioning along with layered stability. This is ideal for both short as well as long-distance running. This amazing motion control running shoe comes with an improved midsole which helps to minimize the weight while improving both support as well as stability. Furthermore, it will enhance the efficiency of the gait. At present, the Foundation 12 features a brand-new sock liner which helps to keep the foot cool and also a new upper which provides remarkable breathability and comfort. Most of the athletes just love this Gel Foundation 12 due to all the features mentioned above.

Skechers GOrun Forza

Skechers GOrun ForzaThe Skechers GOrun Forza offers great cushioning as well as design and is amongst the most well-liked running shoes at present. It aids you in running sessions and also helps your overpronation foot by providing outstanding stability as well as controlled movement. The shoe will help to keep you free from any sort of injury or discomfort while running and will also make every step feel more neutral. A top quality rubber material is utilized by the outsole which helps to resist any damage and also ensures the protection of your feet at all time. The Skechers GOrun Forza is also reputed for providing sure traction over almost any surface. In a nutshell, this amazing motion control running shoe provides fantastic underfoot stability and also minimizes the overpronation rate of the sprinter’s foot.

New Balance 1540v2

New Balance 1540v2Remarkable comfort, durability, enhanced design, as well as cushioning, is offered by this product which allows almost any runner to reach their targets with ease. This awesome shoe from the 1540 series is reputed for providing adequate security and support for the sprinters. The shoe’s seamless upper features lesser as well as smaller overlays which provides the shoe with some flexibility enabling the upper to hug the foot much better along with great motion control. Being a bit wider as compared to the earlier versions, the platform offers fantastic overpronation control features helping to make a stable run on every single stride. Moreover, the New Balance 1540 V2 features enhanced arch support besides being well ventilated. The rubber outsole provides durability and the spacious toe box is ideal for the wide-footed runners.

Brooks Beast 16

brooks beast 16In case you are searching for a stiffer ride as well as a well-cushioned midsole, then the Brooks Beast 16 is going to be the ideal shoe for you. This motion control running shoe is intended for the daily runner on a muddy or rough trail. The midsole is made from Super DNA cushioning materials which provide more cushioning as compared to the standard running shoes. Furthermore, the Brooks Beast 16 is also capable of conforming itself to the shape of the underfoot providing you with a personalized wearing experience. The Extended Progressive Diagonal Roll Bar will help to solve your problems in case you suffer from excess pronation.

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