Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet

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It might be the fact that you have got wide feet. Consequently, you might be facing lots of difficulties in getting a proper running shoe on the market. A pair of tight-fitting shoes can be responsible for stealing the enjoyment while running which is supposed to be healthy as well as fun. Thankfully, there are lots of reputed shoe brands which have produced a variety of both men’s and women’s wide running shoes for the sprinters with wide feet, high arches or bunions. Here we have created a list of the best running shoes for wide feet which you can purchase right now.

#1nike revolution 2Nike Revolution 2
#2salomon xr missionSalomon XR Mission
#3mizuno wave creation 17Mizuno Wave Creation 17

#1 Wide Feet Running Shoes – Saucony Cohesion 9

In all probabilities, this shoe is among the best running shoes for wide feet which are available at an affordable price. It provides fantastic support and neutrality plus is not heavy or even super springy. The upper part of the footwear has been renovated with a better synthetic and breathable mesh providing enhanced comfort as well as support. This particular feature is responsible for maintaining the comfy feeling and also minimizing any discomfort as well as internal heat while running for long distances. The Cohesion 9 makes use of HRC Strobel Board for supporting your feet in a better way by offering adequate cushioning. An extremely lightweight rubber has been used in the outsole which provides a superior grip. This aids in lessening the weight of the shoe in comparison to the others on the market. Furthermore, the outsole is provided with the XT600 which is responsible for a softer additional grip. A runner will always feel secure and confident on the track because of these advanced technologies and materials. On top of this, the shock absorption has also been enhanced with the introduction of EVA midsole.

#2 Wide Feet Running Shoes – Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 features brand-new horizontal and vertical cuts in the outsole providing better stability as well as grip. Moreover, this shoe can boast of an engineered mesh covering Flywire cables providing additional durability. Furthermore, a lightweight, low profile and responsive cushioning from the foot-strike through the toe-off is created by the introduction of Zoom Air units within the forefoot. The sprinters are offered a responsive and soft cushioned midsole while wearing this particular running shoe for wide feet.

#3 Wide Feet Running Shoes – Brooks Ghost 9

The awesome Ghost 9 which happens to be an updated version of the Ghost series from Brooks is attributed for providing protective cushioning along with extra flexibility plus firm support needed by the sprinters. Moreover, the shoe also offers a brand-new luxurious interior as well as a refined mesh upper for delivering a supportive, seamless and adaptable fit which feels much lighter underfoot. There is also a removable and contoured BioMogo DNA insole cushioning from the heel to the toe, while a softer feel is provided in every single stride with the presence of the BioMogo DNA midsole. Besides this, the Segmented Crash Pad present in the midsole helps to absorb shock and also promote a smoother transition from the heel to the toe. The forefoot of the midsole features Omega Flex Grooves which helps in maintaining the cushioning for a better stride. A cool and dry foot environment is maintained by the introduction of the Breathable Element mesh upper. Additionally, the sprinters can enjoy a durable grip with the help of the HPR Plus rubber outsole.

#4 Wide Feet Running Shoes – Asics Gel Flux 3

While putting on this amazing Gel Flux 3 from Asics, running would never have been easier. The award-winning forefoot and rearfoot Gel cushioning of the footwear offer outstanding shock attenuation as well as support to the runners from every level. Due to the presence of the mesh upper and breathable synthetic, you’ll be provided with a supportive and comfortable feeling while running. Smoother transitions plus enhanced efficiency are ensured by the Guidance Line technology which allows you to run with ease. Durability and reliable traction are also guaranteed by an abrasion-proof rubber outsole.

#5 Wide Feet Running Shoes – Mizuno Wave Rider 20

The Mizuno Wave Rider 20 provides reliable and firm cushioning for any road runner. Additional responsiveness is created by a refurbished CloudWave Plate and the brand-new U4icX heel wedge is responsible for enhancing the heel cushioning while offering a softer feeling, unlike the earlier versions. An advanced triple zone engineered mesh helps to enhance the comfort while providing reduced weight as well as additional breathability. The Wave Rider 20 is undoubtedly a fantastic running shoe for wide feet which is actually intended for the sprinters who prefer a lightweight training shoe and it can also boast of outstanding features which make it ideal for both short as well as long-distance running.

What Are Wide Feet?

How wide do your feet have to be considered wide? To know if your feet are wide, you can measure them yourself at home or go to a store and have a profession determine the width. See below to determine the width of your feet at home.

People with wide feet usually tend to have flat feet as well. Though, in some cases people who have wide feet will also have high arches. In either case, your wide feet can be the cause of painful feet. You can decrease the pain associated with wide feet by buying the right shoes.

What Causes Wide Feet?

Wide feet are most commonly caused by:

  • Over-pronation – Women are likely to have wider feet than men because they have wider hips, causing their feet to roll inwards (over-pronate).
  • Aging – Over time, your feet will stretch and relax causing them to get wider with age.
  • Obesity – If you are overweight your feet will flatten under the extra pressure of the weight, causing your feet to widen.
  • Genetics –It is possible that wide feet run in your family and you have inherited them.
  • Bunions – From the first time your bunion forms on the outer side of your foot, your bunion will force your feet into a wider shoe.
  • Excessive Standing – If you work in a job where you are required to stand all the time, it’s likely your feet will become wider over time.

Guidelines when buying the best running shoes for people with wide feet

To find your foot’s measurements, get a piece of paper and a pencil. Wearing socks, trace the outside of your foot onto the paper with the pencil. Then subtract 1/8 of an inch or ¼ of a centimeter to account for your sock from the longest and the widest part of your feet. You can refer to this chart to determine your shoe size based on the length and which width is best for you.

On average, the most popular shoe size for women is an 8 and the normal ‘B’ width is 3.2 inches, a wide foot would be considered 3.4 inches. For men, the average size is 9, with a normal ‘D’ width of 3.9 inches, or 4.1 inches for wide feet.

Many brands specialize in shoes for wider feet, or will have shoes that come in bigger widths. Stick to these shoes to make your feet more comfortable. If you have wide feet you want to avoid shoes with narrow or pointy toes. You can also create more room for your foot with shoes that have removable insoles. Also try to stick to shoes with adjustable straps and laces because you can adjust the width of the shoe to comfortably fit your foot.