Top 17 Best Wireless Headphones – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Whether it’s running or taking walks at the park, we all try to engage in some form of exercise in order to improve our health. For many of us it is important to have high quality headphones when running that provide all of your favorite tracks. Music will help you motivate while you run, thus having great headphones should be a high priority.

Best Wireless Headphones For Runners

In case you are looking for some of the most effective wireless headphones for runners on the market, then you are definitely at the right place. In this comprehensive list, we have mentioned the top 5 which will guarantee you of delivering some of the best audio performance. Moreover you’ll be able to enjoy your running experience through some of the most challenging landscapes by listening to your preferred playlists. In case you happen to be a skillful marathon runner, the headphones will surely transform your running pursuit into an unforgettable experience from a rather boring one.

Jaybird X2

jaybird x2The Jaybird X2 wireless headphones will definitely satisfy every user while running because of their enhanced sound quality. It might be the fact that they are not that affordable, but this does not matter so much considering their quality as well as flexibility. The earbuds are available in as many as three different shades namely yellow, blue and red. Each of these colors are utilized for highlighting specific construction elements and design features like the logo or the cable. Moreover, these headphones are reputed for being sweat resistant and can endure the most strenuous workouts. There is a very handy remote control on the right side of the cable along with 3 buttons. While the main button is located at the center, there is a volume bottom on either side. Besides this, the remote also comes with a microphone for voice control and phone calls. It is possible to turn on and off the earbuds by pressing the main button for several seconds. These earbuds come with a couple of additional pairs of ear tips which are replaceable and also a micro USB cable which is used for charging. However, Jabra Sport Pace does not come with any pouch or case for keeping the earbuds protected. All in all, it can be rightly asserted that this product delivers a fantastic audio performance that every user is going to enjoy.

Jabra Sport Pace

jabra sport paceAlthough you will find lots of good quality wireless headphones out there, those who really appreciate good sound and want to concentrate on their physical activity without having to adjust the earphones constantly will definitely find the Jaybird X2 to be ideal for them. The product is actually a thin cable which is 2 feet in length having speakers on both ends. The incredible earphone happens to be one of the smallest available on the market at present. It is possible to wear them above your year or you can even use them under the ear if you like. Moreover, the product includes 3 pairs of foam pads which make them very comfy for any user. Although you might find them to be somewhat slipperier while wearing them, you will get accustomed to it after some time. The Jaybird X2 is undoubtedly the best option in case you wish to purchase a medium-range priced item but also want to get the best sound quality at the same time.

Sol Republic Shadow

sol republic shadowThe Sol Republic Shadow headphones happen to be a fantastic pair of wireless headphones which offer great sound quality along with outstanding comfort. It can be used while you’re stationary and also while you’re working out. You can easily connect it to your smartphone and your Bluetooth connection is going to remain stable plus there will also be no sound leakage. Although the silicon neck band does enhance comfort, it makes the headphone somewhat bulkier than what we are usually accustomed to for transportation since it is not possible to fold them up. The product comes with as many as four different ear tip sizes which will fit anyone snugly. Another plus point of this headphone is that the manufacturer will even replace the ear tips free of charge in case you lose them or something undesirable happens. It is possible to get as much as 8 hours of listening time while using these amazing headphones; however, you will definitely feel the absence of an auxiliary cable particularly when the battery expires.

Photive PH-BTE70

photive ph bte70One more mid-range price option which you will get for wireless listening while running is the Photive PH-BTE70 which is mainly because it offers useful ear hooks that should help to keep the buds in position while you’re moving. Moreover, you need not be concerned about either rain or perspiration since a hydrophobic coating is used to treat the silky rubber finish. It is quite easy to install the Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and it will produce great results better than that of a standard Bluetooth connection particularly when it is linked with an aptX-compatible gadget. The battery life is approximately 6 hours which should help you to last through the most strenuous exercise sessions. We are aware of the limitations that Bluetooth usually places on audio and considering that, this device definitely sounds fantastic particularly while using the aptX codec. Although the speaker does have some physical limitations, the bass levels are quite deep and both highs and mids are quite clear at virtually any volume level. Although it is possible to make phone calls, it is nothing special on this device. What is more important is that you’ll be able to listen to your music without being concerned about the fact that they are falling out at regular intervals.

Powerbeats 2

powerbeats 2The Powerbeats 2 are stable and well-designed headphones that can be used at the fitness center. It is possible to pin the headphones to the ears during strenuous workouts thanks to their robust rubber ear hooks. The in-ear tips enter the ear canal fully and this makes them much more comfy as compared to the regular earbuds. It is easy to carry them and they also come with a hard and sturdy case. The Powerbeats 2 likewise includes a fantastic control scheme which provides track skipping plus volume controls. Moreover it is available in a soft and stylish case which helps to safeguard the headphones from any kind of damage. However, the case isn’t very powerful for enduring physical stress such as while one accidentally steps on it. The ear hooks are made from flexible rubberlike material which will not easily break although they are being regularly used. However, the cable which links the earbuds is vulnerable to wear and tear. The product has got the battery life of approximately 6 hours which is quite good as compared to most of the other products on the market. Moreover, it takes only one and a half hours to recharge the battery which is faster than most of the other wireless headphones out there there. On top of this, the Powerbeats 2 is water resistant, sweat proof and also impact resistant which helps it to handle most of your intense workouts easily.

Best Wireless Workout Headphones

Wireless workout headphones have become immensely popular across the globe. But have you ever thought why should you consider purchasing these types of headphones? Convenience happens to be the no.1 reason since they help you to avoid any sort of cable tangles. A typical feature which you will come across most of these amazing devices is ANC (Active noise canceling) and moreover, they are compatible with any phone having Bluetooth. The larger headsets can boast of a battery life which is approximately 20 hours or even more, although, for the earbuds, it can be as little as only 3 hours.

Bose Wireless SoundSport

Bose Wireless SoundSportWe all are aware of the fact that exercise entails dedication as well as perseverance. For this reason, you require wireless headphones which will enhance the performance of your movements. The Bose Wireless SoundSport is exactly such a device that will provide you with powerful audio as well as comfy plus secure earbuds. The audio quality has been enhanced significantly thanks to the unique shape of the tip that helps to create a gentle seal in the ear. Fantastic support and stability are provided by the extended fixable wing. In short, it can be rightly asserted that the SoundSport will take your exercise one step further.

Jaybird X3

Jaybird X3The cutting-edge Jaybird X3 is reputed for being sweat resistant as well as having an integrated battery with an extended life. That top quality isolation foam ear tips provide a comfy fit for a considerable period of time. You are able to stream audio wirelessly from your Bluetooth-enabled tablet, smartphone or any other gadget while using the X3. It is possible to use the robust lithium polymer battery for approximately 8 hours in between charges which will allow you to use the device for a few weeks on just a single charge. Moreover, you can also customize your sound settings with the help of the JayBird MySound app.

Beats Powerbeats 3

Beats Powerbeats 3Although the astounding Powerbeats 3 is a bit expensive as compared to the other models out there, it provides plenty of features to runners. Among these, mention may be made of the innovative 12-hour battery life as well as quick recharging facilities which will provide at least one hour of additional battery life within only a few minutes. Moreover, these wireless headphones feature the cutting edge W1 chip from Apple which helps to make the Bluetooth pairing procedure with more than one iCloud-linked gadget rather easy.

Buying Tips

You should consider the following suggestions prior to purchasing a wireless workout headset:

  • Long battery life: Before needing a recharge, lots of wireless workout headphones have the ability to run for 8 hours or even longer. Therefore, you should always consider purchasing a product having this particular feature.
  • Convenience of use: It is important to take into account what other reviewers are claiming regarding the controls and the simplicity of working with them.
  • Comfy fit: Try to look for headsets that fit snugly enough but not so tightly which might end up causing pain. It is essential for the pads to cushion the ears without overheating them. Also, go for the lightweight headsets.
  • Great sound quality: In most cases, the sound delivered by the best wireless headphones is of premium quality which is almost like that of the leading wired models out there. Consequently, go for a wireless headset whose sound appears to be clear, crisp, as well as enjoyable.

Best Wireless Waterproof Headphones

You can easily make use of waterproof wireless headphones to listen to the radio or some mind blowing music while swimming or even sprinting in the rain. These amazing headphones are a fantastic addition to the water resistant case intended for safeguarding your smartphone. Apart from being extremely resilient and robust, they will provide you with optimum sound quality and comfort. On top of this, they are also compatible with various gadgets irrespective of whether you are using an iPhone, Android or Windows Phone. Another important feature of these waterproof headphones is the amazing Bluetooth capability which aids in producing high-quality sound.

Plantronics BackBeat Fit

Plantronics BackBeat FitAny individual who likes to go for a sprint after sunset will definitely want to avoid an accident on the road which can be caused by headphones that block the sound of traffic. Consequently, the majority of the sprinters like to go for those devices that do not snug too must tightly. In case you are one of these athletes and would like to opt for a wireless option, your best choice will be undoubtedly the remarkable Plantronics BackBeat Fit. It is quite simple to find out the play and pause buttons since they are quite large although the power and volume buttons are somewhat smaller.

Leophile EEL

Leophile EELIt might be the fact that you want to appear stylish while standing on the beach and for this reason, it is recommended to wear wireless headphones just like a typical wristband. Do not make any hesitation to wear it like your necklace which can be easily twisted and turned so that they fit properly around your wrist or maybe inside your pocket. The breathtaking Leophile EEL is actually intended for the gymnasts, skateboarders, surfers, bikers and so on. Apart from providing you with 8 to 10 hours of music without any interruption, they are also extremely waterproof and come with a warranty of 18 months.

SoundWhiz W18

SoundWhiz W18The SoundWhiz W18 is one of the most inexpensive wireless Bluetooth headphones out there at present. Although it might not be the cheapest available on the market, it is definitely much more economical than the majority of the top quality headphones. However, you will not be able to use it while swimming since the Bluetooth feature is not going to work below the water surface. Although it is extremely durable, you ought to handle it meticulously. The battery has a life of as much as 8 hours and the fit is also extremely comfortable. On top of this, the SoundWhiz W18 is going to provide you with wonderful audio while you are working out.

Buying Tips

  • Budget: Everybody is worried about the headphone budget and would like the best item within that specific range. Although it might be required to compromise with certain features, a typical budget headphone is going to provide you with a normal Bluetooth functionality. However, you might require extending the budget in case you are after a full-featured headset.
  • Battery life: Not every headset is same with regards to talk time battery as well as the standby time. If you want an excellent water-resistant headphone, then look for one with at least 6 to 7 hours of talk time.
  • Headset types: You will come across the water-resistant headsets in a couple of major styles, namely, in-ear as well as ear-hook. It is challenging to assert which one will be comfier to put on for a long time; it totally depends upon your choice.
  • Durability: You must verify the IPX rating of the product prior to purchasing waterproof headphones. This will ensure that the headset is safe underwater and that you can immerse it in as much as 3 ft. deep water without any problem.
  • Sound: Sound is another significant factor to consider while buying a headphone. Excellent sound quality is provided by the majority of the budget waterproof wireless headphones at present. Other significant features such as noise cancellation as well as crystal clear audio quality must also be taken into account. Several headphones minimize background sounds which is an excellent feature to put additional focus on your work out.

Best Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Wireless noise cancelling headphones ought to perform a couple of functions rather well: minimizing the external noise and also reproducing the origin audio source flawlessly. However, it is really difficult to make these headphones perform both these operations accurately and, consequently, they tend to be more costly in spite of the fact that they provide mind blowing sound experiences.

Bose QuietComfort 35

Bose QuietComfort 35The Bose QuietComfort 35 is arguably one of the most effective noise canceling wireless headphones at present and it is also quite light weighing just 8.3 ounces. The battery life is approximately 20 hours in the wireless mode and about 45 hours in the wired mode. On top of this, one can also use this device throughout the day along with the microphone without getting exhausted. It is completely risk-free to use since it is manufactured from a top quality material. The innovative Bluetooth feature helps you to connect with a couple of devices simultaneously without any problem.

Sennheiser MM 450-X

Sennheiser MM 450-XThe Sennheiser MM 450-X is one of the most well-known Bluetooth wireless headphones out there offering a superb wireless sound quality apart from having a really attractive and lightweight design. You can easily fold the headphones neatly within a safe and store it inside your pocket or maybe your closet. These noise cancelling headphones come with comfortably cushioned ear pads which are extremely light thus making you forget that you’re putting on any headphone at all. You can also regulate your own music by employing the headphones. The headphone likewise comes with an inbuilt microphone which will allow the users to enjoy the music and still attend any important call during the process.

Sony MDR-1000X

Sony MDR-1000XThere is hardly any doubt about the fact that the audio quality of these wireless headphones is simply awesome. In fact, quite a few sophisticated drivers have been included by the company in this product which has helped to enhance the audio quality significantly. The MDR-1000X like wise comes with an on board microphone which allows you to attend calls when paired with a smartphone. However, there lies some drawback when it comes to the headphones since some external noise is often allowed inside due to the imperfect positioning of the cups. In spite of this, the product is ideal for you in case you want to go for a decent noise-canceling device. Moreover, it is viable to pause the audio temporarily by simply touching the finger on the speaker’s side.

Buying Tips

  • Make a decision on the headphones’ style: You’ll come across the noise cancelling headphones in different forms as well as sizes. Although almost the same function is performed by most of these, it is imperative to verify the style of the headphones prior to buying them.
  • Verify the sound quality: You will not be guaranteed of outstanding sound quality by simply purchasing a pair of wireless noise cancelling headphones. The surrounding sound is limited by the noise cancelling technology and it hardly affects the quality of these headphones. Instead, the factors on which the sound quality will depend happen to be the headphone’s design, the materials utilized as well as the type of the internal drivers. It will be possible to block any outside noise in a workplace by using a standard noise cancelling headphone. However, in case you’d like to experience top-notch sound quality, you should go for the ones with the finest builds.
  • Verify the battery life: In most cases, the noise cancelling headphones are going to include active noise cancelling technology which needs power to work with an audio processor. As a result, it would be a smart idea to take into account the battery life of these headphones prior to purchasing them.

Best Wireless Over Ear Headphones

Individuals don’t like the idea of putting on headphones attached to cables, particularly while moving. As a matter of fact, those wires or cables might lead to some undesirable accident whilst we are performing something or could prove to be an obstacle to our actions. Nowadays the majority of the contemporary wireless headsets can boast of sophisticated components for significantly better connection as well as audio quality. In this article, we have outlined the best wireless over ear headphones which you can be proud of. Apart from being the best with regards to sound quality, they also excel with regards to appearance plus comfort.

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0
The Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 is an extremely comfy headphone having a stylish and attractive appearance. A comfortable sensation is provided by the dark-colored leather which is positioned on the headphone’s upper part. These wireless over ear headphones are rather thick as well as soft thus aiding them to provide a fantastic grip while moving. In fact, the user will hardly feel any burden on the road while wearing these ear pads. The signal strength is going to be enhanced by the Bluetooth 4.0 technology which, in turn, enhances the signal strength between the headphones and your gadget. There is a battery backup of as much as 20 hours which makes it quite risk-free to use this device.

Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2

Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2You’ll come across plenty of features with Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 wireless over headphones including active noise cancellation abilities. The headphone is quite attractive to look at and the ear cups will snug to your ears flawlessly while you’re actually moving. On top of this, the headphones come with a soft leather cushion to make them extremely comfy. There is also a power button for canceling the noise. It is also feasible to toggle the cancellation of noise whenever required. It is likewise not at all difficult to locate the control models which are positioned on the left of the device. The battery life is quite awesome providing a backup of as much as 20 hours.

Sony MDR-ZX770BN

Sony MDR-ZX770BNOne can’t expect to get a better wireless headphone than the incredible MDR-ZX770BN when it comes to the amazing capability of noise cancellation, Bluetooth facilities as well as a remarkable battery life of 13 hours. Although the manufacturer has made use of plastic for constructing this device, it is still quite light as well as comfy. In fact, the hassle and bustle of city life are going to be cut off by the innovative noise canceling mode and this feature makes it immensely popular amongst so many athletes these days.

Buying Tips

  • Retractable ear cups:While purchasing wireless over-ear headphones, it’s vital to verify whether they fold or not. Should you be employing them whilst moving outdoors, you would like those that are simpler to store.
  • Battery Life: Make it a point to check out the life of the battery in case the headphones chosen by you feature ANC or Bluetooth. The very idea of the headsets dying on you while you are trapped in the midst of a workout or traffic jam is something undesirable.
  • Noise Canceling: One more thing to consider is the noise cancellation function. Do not expect each and every little sound to fade away magically; however, you’d be amazed at how a decent pair of headsets can help to eliminate sound.
  • Water resistant: It is important to go for water resistant wireless over-ear headphones so that your perspiration does not damage them. Although the majority of the headsets have been designed to endure perspiration, it’s advisable to verify only to be safe.
  • Bluetooth: The majority of the headsets at present opt for Bluetooth by dumping the cables. In case you are interested in wireless ear buds for exercising or simply do not like the idea of tangled cables, it is advisable to opt for Bluetooth.

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